Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MacJournal 4.1.2

It's finally here! Head over to Mariner's site for the final release download.

This release adds updated localizations for all 4.1 features and a few small new features and bug fixes.

Summary of Changes in 4.1
⁃ Updated localizations
⁃ Fixed posting to Typepad
⁃ .Mac syncing bug fixes
⁃ Added support for a Palm conduit
⁃ Added support for sending an entry to iWeb
⁃ Added support for importing your Stickies database
⁃ Improved behavior of Zoom button in the window
⁃ Worked around an OS bug in handling of multi-page PDFs
⁃ Added limited support for the <blockquote> tag when exporting HTML
⁃ Added support for NetNewsWire external editor protocol.

There are a lot more changes since 4.1.1. You can check out the included Version History for the full details.

Special note about .Mac Syncing: While MacJournal 4.1 provides data syncing over .Mac, the current implementation in OS X for syncing seems more optimized for small data sets, like bookmarks or contacts. Trying to push tens or even hundreds of megabytes of data through syncing may not work as well as you might want due to limitations in Mac OS X at this time.

If you see any problems in this release please let me know about it by using the "Report a Bug" menu item in the "Help" menu to send me an email.