Saturday, May 19, 2012

MacJournal 6.0.5b1

Get it here.

MacJournal 6.0.5 is the next release of MacJournal for the Mac, both via direct distribution and the Mac App Store. If you don't have 6.0.4, don't worry: that release was only for the Mac App Store. There are a lot of fixes in this release, so please give everything that you do normally a thorough testing. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, so there shouldn't be many differences when using the application (except for the bugs fixed). Syncing with an iOS device has also received a lot of attention, so let me know if you have any trouble syncing with the current version of the iOS apps. Performance should also be better, especially when launching the application.

Remember that beta releases are only for testing, so please make sure you have a backup of your data before trying this out (MacJournal will also make a special backup when launching). Also, this beta is usable only in demo mode for App Store users.

Please let me know of any issues by using the Report a Bug menu item in the Help menu.