Sunday, July 19, 2020

MacJournal 7.0.3b2

This fixes some issues with with Navigation modes, like Tags. There's also a new preference to disable listening for syncing with iOS devices if you want to avoid opening a potential connection on your Mac. There are also some more changes to make auto-saving more reliable, as well as a second backup file for saved entry text as it is saved. The last 20 non-encrypted entries will be saved in an additional backup.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

MacJournal 7.0.3b1

<a href="">Get it here</a>.

This is a small bug-fix release for 7.0.2. There is a change to how the UI is set when changing selection to reuse fewer parts of the UI to try and resolve an issue where auto-save stops working. Please try this release and let me know if you run into issues with saving.

There are also fixes for Batch Change, Focused Editing, and the items in the default toolbar (the Quick Look item is replaced with the Sidebar item).