Monday, August 23, 2021

MacJournal 7.3b3

 This beta fixes a few crashes, including using the Find panel in Focused Editing, setting the text zoom under 100%, and open the Journal Template window if a template was already set. There is also a way to see the amount of found entries when searching if the Entries List is on the left or right of the window (this was already possible when it was on top). This will hopefully be the last beta of this release so please let me know of any issues you have.

Download it here.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

MacJournal 7.3b2

 This beta has fixes for saving the status of the status bar and sorting of tags in the Change Tags sheet. New editing windows should remember the last size when you make a new one now. The "Encrypt" button has been removed from the view that you see when you select a locked journal but you can still control the encryption status from the Inspector. Please let me know of any issues using the Help menu.

Download it now.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

MacJournal 7.3b1

 MacJournal 7.3 has a few new features and a few more bug fixes over 7.2.1. On the new feature side, a new French localization has been added. The Detect Duplicates feature has been given a dedicated new UI to review and take action on duplicates, replacing the many journals of aliases that was there before. Some other UI have been refreshed to improve the layout, including the Unlock Journal sheet.

On the bug fix side, there are fixes for showing the Batch Change sheet and making changes. There behavior fixes for Sidebar with collapsing things and reordering items. Fixed an issue with the Related Files feature and opening files in other apps. Fixed adding tags via the field in the Inspector. Fixed column sizing in the Entries List. There are other smaller fixes as well.

Download it now and let me know of any issues using the Report item in the Help menu.

Monday, March 01, 2021

MacJournal 7.2.1

 MacJournal 7.2.1 is out. It doesn't have any changes over the last released beta. Since 7.2, there are performance fixes, crash fixes, and a fix to printing multiple pages. Please let me know of any issues using the Help menu.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

MacJournal 7.2.1b2

 This beta has some changes to improve the menu customization, performance improvements for dragging journals, and a fix for the Link toolbar item. The final release of 7.2.1 should be available in about a week's time so please let me know if any issues that you have.

Get it here.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

MacJournal 7.2.1b1

 This beta fixes an issue printing multiple pages from an entry. It also replaces the code to convert Markdown to rich text, which should make the Markdown preview window quicker and more correct. There are some fixes for exporting and there is now a "None" option in the sorting menu in the contextual menu for journals to match the equivalent menu in the menu bar.

Get it here.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

MacJournal 7.2

 This release has a few small new features as well as more UI updates when running on Big Sur. The window titlebar/toolbar area should fit it more with other apps on Big Sur and there are newer standardized images used throughout the UI. There's also new options to export location information and some new color presets for Focused Editing. The tab bar also got a visual overhaul and it should work better.

On the bug fix side, there are fixes with AppleScript, changing the background color in the Inspector, fixes with encrypted journals, fixes with Navigation modes, macOS dark mode, custom fonts in the Entries list, saving recordings, printing with Markdown. There are also some additions to the Help documentation.

Get it here and let me know of any issues via the Report item in the Help menu.