Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

If you are running a 4.1 pre-release and generally keep it open for days at a time, it might be worth it to quit and relaunch today. For ... reasons.

Friday, October 27, 2006

MacJournal 4.1d3

This release is meant to clean up the issues in 4.1d2 and flesh out some of the existing features. The biggest addition is an addition to the Recording preference pane to let you specify the format of the recorded audio.

Other Fixes
- Fixed a crash creating new journals.
- Fixed some different crashes associated with .Mac syncing.

There are some more changes included in this release. You should check out the Version History for the full details.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MacJournal 4.1d2

Get it here.

It's been a long time coming, but welcome to the second test release of MacJournal 4.1! This is another large release with more new features and even more enhanced functionality. It is still labeled "developmental" though, because there is still one or two things that I have in mind.

This version includes support for syncing data over .mac. However, if you chose to turn this on, please back up your data before syncing!

Big Items
- The aforementioned .mac syncing. Make sure you read the note about it above.
- MacJournal now uses Growl to notify you of uploads, downloads, and data saves if you have it installed.
- Preference pane for configuring recording
- Labels toolbar item
- MacJournal launches in Panther again (hopefully).

Little Enhancements
- Tab behavior has been tweaked a little bit to be a bit more consistent with other tabbed apps (mainly web browsers). Attempting to open a second tab for an entry already in the tab bar will always select the previous tab now.
- Keyword searching is now case insensitive like the other text searches.
- Downloading entries will always ask for how many entries you want to download.
- Improved HTML export to include text justification.
- Added submenu to "Send entry to other blog" that shows all the configured blog servers.
- Change the journal summary that shows in the middle of the window to include entries in sub-journals.

There are loads more changes that are too numerous to mention, including some bug fixes from the last release. You should check out the Version History for the full details.

Not Included
- Yet more features!

About the last public release:

MacJournal 4.0 brings major new features and large improvements to existing features. Every single part of MacJournal has been improved in some way. For bloggers, the blogging support in MacJournal is all-new. MacJournal now supports more kinds of blogs and it is easier than ever to use them. Each journal can have a different blog and the entries will remember their settings so they can be updated on the server later.

MacJournal 4.0 also has a lot of other new features:

- New Inspector for manipulating attributes of entries and journals
- All-new blogging architecture
- New per-item attributes
• background color
• label
• sorting
• entry template
• editable
• blog server
- Browser-like tabs for quickly switching between entries
- Audio recording
- Links, smileys, and words are recognized as you type now (not just when you save), including a live word count field.
- AppleScript support
- Improved Full Screen mode
- Improved searching
- Improved keywords configuration

This is just the list of big features. If you want to see the full list of all the changes in the included Version History.

MacJournal requires Mac OS X 10.3.5 (Panther).

Reporting Bugs

If you see any problems in this release please let me know about it by using the "Report a Bug" menu item in the "Help" menu to send me an email.