Monday, November 23, 2020

MacJournal 7.1.1

 MacJournal 7.1.1 is the first release of MacJournal compiled for Apple Silicon. If you have a new Mac with Apple Silicon chip, MacJournal will now be able to run without any translation using Rosetta. For everyone else, this release fixes an issue with colors in dark mode causing text and/or the insertion point to disappear. If you have a custom background color or picture, the colors should be as visible as they used to be. There are some other rare crashes fixed as well.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

MacJournal 7.1

 This release is largely the same as 7.1b1 (but with a small performance change for the Markdown preview window). The big changes here for users of the new Big Sur OS release are fixes for some toolbar items and for the Inspector area. See the notes for 7.1b1 for more details about what is in here.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

MacJournal 7.1b1

 This release adds some new features while continuing to include bug fixes. On the feature side, an entry's status should take up less room in the Sidebar, added a button in the Inspector to show the Tags sheet more easily, entry text should be inverted in dark mode, added controls to control the search options in more places, and added a way to control sort order from the contextual menu of a journal. On the bug fix side, a crash unlocking journals is fixed, using Services from a web browser should grab the page URL again, the close button in a tab should be fixed, the book UI has been disabled to fix an issue, and other various fixes. This release also moves the minimum OS requirement up to 10.14.4 (the policy is to support the current release and one prior so this move is well overdue). A number of issues on Big Sur have been fixed as well.

Download it now.