Thursday, October 28, 2010

MacJournal 5.2.6b1

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Another day, another series of betas. There are a few minor fixes in there, but if you're having trouble with the new "your clocks are too different" check with touch device syncing, this beta for you.

A word about this check: I had a conversation with a user a few weeks ago that was seeing consistent data loss—entries were getting deleted every time he synced. We traced this down to a difference in clocks between the two devices. MacJournal uses the modification dates of the entries compared to the date of the last sync to decide what to sync. If one machine thinks it's really 30 or 40 seconds later or earlier than it really is, the syncing can go awry because it might decide something should be deleted that really shouldn't. The check was meant to prevent issues like that. The threshold is set at 25 seconds in 5.2.5. This release extends it to 60 seconds and also allows you to continue syncing after seeing the warning. It's still important to keep your system clocks as close as possible (since there really is only one correct time and all of your computers should be as close as possible to that), but since so many people were syncing successfully even with incorrect system clocks, it seems like a good idea to re-enable that. Please give it a try and let me know if you're having problems syncing.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MacJournal 5.2.5b1

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5.2.5 will be a smaller release than 5.2.4 and meant to address some issues in that release and some issues discovered with syncing the recent mobile releases. To that end, there is a fix for an error that can occur during syncing that some people with PDFs were seeing. There’s also a fix for blogging with PDFs. VoiceOver support is improved in the calendar and tab bar, as well as better international support. I also reverted behavior for the “shaded” days in the calendar to include just the entries in the current journal until I can work out a better way to accomplish what I was going for in 5.2.4.

Please let me know of any problems using the “Report an Issue” item in the Help menu. If everything looks okay here and no more mobile support is required, this should be reaching public release status soon.