Monday, June 20, 2005


I had previously talked about building MacJournal for Intel and the problems that popped up. I had to disable code for .Mac exporting to get it to build so I could test it at all. Well, wouldn't you know it but I forgot to re-enable it for 3.1.2b3. Worry not however: it will return for the next build. I'm expecting 3.1.2 to be released later this week, or early next at worst.

I'm putting together a larger post about the next version (tentatively labeled 4.0) which I will come back with after 3.1.2 is out. I have some things like labels already (sort of) working, but any larger changes are still in the design stage. I'm looking at ways to merge the journals drawer into the main window Mail-style. So feel free to comment one way or another on this as I'm sure some people won't like it. Drawers are kind of a heated topic nowadays; a lot of people don't like them. I don't mind them myself but I certainly respect the argument against them and general UI seems to be moving away from them lately so I don't want MacJournal to fall behind. More on this later though.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

MacJournal 3.1.2b3

Download it from here

This is the third beta release of 3.1.2. This beta fixes another problem with registration on Tiger (which are always fun). A few other smaller bugs are fixed 3.1.2 provides a few bug fixes over MacJournal 3.1.1 and adds Spotlight support for Tiger users. It is recommended for all users of MacJournal 3.0 and above (when it comes out). Expect the final release of 3.1.2 later this week.

Bug Fixes:

- Titles sent to Blogger won't have their non-ASCII characters converted.
- Entries created from the calendar will adhere to the entry template.
- An open curly quote will be used instead of a closed quote in the case of a multi-paragraph quotation with quotes appearing at the start of the paragraph.
- Bolds and italics in exported HTML will now be handled by strong and em respectively.
- Fixed up permissions on the license file in case it was created by another user.

Also, please note that the minimum OS requirement is either 10.2.7 or 10.2 with Safari installed. You don’t have to use Safari, you just have to have it installed on your system.

Please let me know of any problems you have with this release.

Reporting Bugs

Please let me know about any bugs you find in this release as soon as possible. Use the "Report A Bug" menu item in the Help menu to see a list of known issues for your current build (as they arise). You can also automatically create a new e-mail.

If MacJournal crashes on you, look for a crash log in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter and include that in your report. If there's some funny behavior, try looking in the Console (in /Applications/Utilities/) and include any output related to MacJournal in your report. Please be specific about things that you are doing that aren't working out, whether it's a crash or a behavior that you don't like. Also, include in your e-mail what release of MacJournal you are using. I appreciate your feedback!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

MacJournal vs. Intel

Following Monday’s announcement, I downloaded Xcode 2.1 and recompiled MacJournal 3.1.2 for Intel. I had to tweak a few settings but I got everything to compile. However, it didn’t actually complete the build. For the .Mac functionality I am using an embedded framework that Apple provides however that framework is not yet available for Intel. Because this dependent code is not ready for Intel, MacJournal cannot be built for Intel just yet. If they release an update before 3.1.2 comes out I will probably release a Universal binary (just to get it out of the way). The only issue is that the .Mac framework generally only supports the current OS and the one before it so if they release an update it might not support Jaguar like the current one does. In that case there will be a subsequent update that will only support Panther, Tiger, and Tiger+Intel. Hopefully that won’t need to happen and we can just get this behind us soon.

Other than that I haven’t made much progress on the next version because of WWDC this week. I started on labels and an Inspector but both are very rough right now. If anyone will be at the beer bash tonight on Apple’s campus I’ll be around as well. I’ll be wearing a Michigan Band shirt so if you see me say hi. ☺