Thursday, June 09, 2005

MacJournal vs. Intel

Following Monday’s announcement, I downloaded Xcode 2.1 and recompiled MacJournal 3.1.2 for Intel. I had to tweak a few settings but I got everything to compile. However, it didn’t actually complete the build. For the .Mac functionality I am using an embedded framework that Apple provides however that framework is not yet available for Intel. Because this dependent code is not ready for Intel, MacJournal cannot be built for Intel just yet. If they release an update before 3.1.2 comes out I will probably release a Universal binary (just to get it out of the way). The only issue is that the .Mac framework generally only supports the current OS and the one before it so if they release an update it might not support Jaguar like the current one does. In that case there will be a subsequent update that will only support Panther, Tiger, and Tiger+Intel. Hopefully that won’t need to happen and we can just get this behind us soon.

Other than that I haven’t made much progress on the next version because of WWDC this week. I started on labels and an Inspector but both are very rough right now. If anyone will be at the beer bash tonight on Apple’s campus I’ll be around as well. I’ll be wearing a Michigan Band shirt so if you see me say hi. ☺