Friday, August 17, 2012

MacJournal 6.0.6b1

Get it here.

It's time for another new beta of another upcoming release. It's worth saying a bit about what this release is for though. Tumblr decided to pull the plug on the version of the API that MacJournal is using next month, so this version switches to the new API. This requires a different way of logging in when you do a post, so you'll see a different, web-based login screen for Tumblr now. While I was at it, I did the same thing for Blogger, which also had a new API. This also has the web-based login now, but it should be more compatible with modern Google features.

Other than all that blogging stuff, there are some fixes elsewhere in the app. There is fix for an issue with tooltips on Mountain Lion, a fix for over-zealous crash reporting, and a few rare crashes. There are also performance enhancements for very large encrypted journals and selecting multiple entries.

Because of the Tumblr situation and the time it takes to get a release reviewed and posted, I didn't submit 6.0.5 to the Mac App Store, opting instead to get the Tumblr fix ready and do a quick 6.0.6 release and submit that instead. So I plan to submit this next week to the store. The direct distribution release will come a bit after that, but before the end of the month. Please give this beta a try (especially Tumblr and Blogger users) and let me know of any problems because the final will be out soon! You can submit bug reports using the Help menu's Report a Bug.