Monday, April 30, 2007

4.1.2 will be finalized within a day or two

4.1.2, the release that just will not die, is a hair's breadth from being finalized. Tonight or maybe tomorrow are the targets, so please send me any issues that you are having with the latest beta. The only things that have changed since then are support for NetNewsWire's external editor protocol, another workaround for multipage PDFs (which is the single most annoying issue with the OS that MacJournal currently exposes), and a fix to remove some temporary files created when you open an attachment in another application. They're pretty isolated cases, so I don't think it will impact anything for the final. I'm looking forward to getting this one in the books. I've already started working on the next big version and it can be rough to do concurrent development like this. That doesn't preclude another bug fix release for 4.1, but it will be nice to get this release out the door.