Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MacJournal 5.0.2 is out!

Today brings the release of 5.0.2. This release contains several critical fixes for users of 5.0 and 5.0.1. You can get it at Mariner's site, from the Help menu's Update item inside MacJournal, or direct download here. There are several fixes over the last beta as well, so be sure to update.

This release is still English-only, but I'm going to start the localization process soon and hopefully get some more languages released soon.

This version has a tweaked application icon as well. It's a cross between the icon from 5.0 and the original blue MacJournal icon.

I'll be working on my other website,, over the next few days to update it for 5.0, in case you have been wondering what is the deal with that. I'm also going to really attack my backlogged email now that 5.0.2 is out. I suspect that will be the answer for most of the questions I have received.