Friday, March 23, 2007

MacJournal 4.1.2b4

Go here to get 4.1.2b4.

This is probably the final beta release for 4.1.2; the public release is directly around the corner (only minimal changes will occur between now and then). This release adds two localizations that are only mostly updated. They are updates from the 4.0.x versions with only pieces of the new functionality in 4.1 (like the Recording preferences) updated. This is necessitated by the schedule; if and when completed localizations are available, 4.1.2 will be reposted and an announcement will be made.

Palm Conduit

This release includes the MacJournal Palm Conduit for the Missing Sync application. To use this you need Missing Sync For Palm installed. To install the Conduit, you should be able to double-click on the "MacJournal Palm Conduit.plugin" file included with MacJournal 4.1.2. If this does not work, you can drag this file into "/Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync/Conduits". When you open the MissincSync application, double-click on the MacJournal conduit and select a journal to sync. You will probably want to do a "Replace" sync on either the computer or handheld to start with before switching to "Synchronize."

Changes in 4.1.2b4
⁃ Improved blockquoting to be toggle-able.
⁃ Added another pane to the hidden prefs.
⁃ Fixed exporting multiple entries/journals to PDF again.
⁃ Added a hidden pref to automatically delete backups older than a specified period. Set it to 30 to delete backups older than a month, for example.
⁃ Added a workaround for a frequent crash caused by OS X having to do with multi-page PDFs. It's not pretty, but it'll hold us for now.
⁃ Added importing of Stickies information. Drag your ~/Library/StickiesDatabase into MacJournal to import all of the Sticky information.
⁃ Palm entries will now have the topic added in as the first line. Conversely, the first line will be used as the topic coming back to the computer.

New Features in 4.1
⁃ Improved Recording:
• Record more audio to append onto existing recordings.
• Panther compatibility.
• New Preferences panel for configuration of recording devices and levels.
• Record audio from an iSight
⁃ Improved Blogging:
• New Blogger+Google support
• Transactions with blogs can be cancelled in the Activity window.
• Improved compatibility with other blog types.
⁃ .Mac Data Syncing (see special note below)
⁃ Growl support
⁃ Improved Services functionality

There are a lot more changes since 4.0.5. You can check out the included Version History for the full details.

Special note about .Mac Syncing: While MacJournal 4.1 provides data syncing over .Mac, the current implementation in OS X for syncing seems more optimized for small data sets, like bookmarks or contacts. Trying to push tens or even hundreds of megabytes of data through syncing may not work as well as you might want due to limitations in Mac OS X at this time.

Features from 4.0

- New Inspector for manipulating attributes of entries and journals
- All-new blogging architecture
- New per-item attributes
• background color
• label
• sorting
• entry template
• editable
• blog server
- Browser-like tabs for quickly switching between entries
- Audio recording
- Links, smileys, and words are recognized as you type now (not just when you save), including a live word count field.
- AppleScript support
- Improved Full Screen mode
- Improved searching
- Improved keywords configuration

This is just the list of big features. If you want to see the full list of all the changes in the included Version History.

MacJournal requires Mac OS X 10.3.5 (Panther).

Reporting Bugs

If you see any problems in this release please let me know about it by using the "Report a Bug" menu item in the "Help" menu to send me an email.