Saturday, January 06, 2007


I wanted to update everyone on the status of things here at MacJournal HQ (which, at this exact moment, is a coffee shop). 4.1 virtually done and will be released to coincide with MacWorld. It won't be terribly different than 4.1d6 (plus the changes mentioned in the Version History page) if you've already been using that.

On a separate track from the application release, I've also got some other releases planned in the short term. I worked on a Quicksilver plug-in over my Christmas vacation. If you're not familiar with it, Quicksilver is an application launcher like LaunchBar or even Spotlight. The plug-in lets you get at your MacJournal entries from within Quicksilver. It works, but there are a few procedural issues to work out. They have their own plug-in delivery system, so I need to talk with them to make it available and make sure I have the correct information set up to allow for future updates.

The other big release is Palm syncing. I've started working on a plug-in for Markspace's MissingSync application to allow you to sync your entries with your Palm notes. It's a battle because it's a whole new system I have to learn, and it's an old one at that, so there are always difficulties with the really old APIs. But I hope to get that done and in people's hands by the end of the month. It operates outside of the MacJournal application, so it will probably just be out when it's out and not really tied to an app release.

The other thing I want to mention is forums. There is a MacJournal 4 discussion forum set up by Mariner that you can use to ask questions and discuss things in addition to the comments here. There is a MacJournal 3 forum as well there.

If you're going to be at MacWorld next week, you can stop by and say hi if you want. I will be at the Mariner booth on Friday, so please stop by and yell at me if there's something you don't like in the app. :-)