Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quick status update

It turns out 3.1.2 isn't compatible with Jaguar at all so I'm readying a new release in a week or two to correct that problem. It will also contains a number of small fixes to other problems. This, however, will probably be the last Jaguar-compatible release ever. To work on the Intel systems you have to compile with gcc 4.0. Programs compiled with this compiler cannot be run on Jaguar. So it's out of my hands at that point. 3.1.3 will hopefully fix all the remaining small issues so that our Jaguar users won't be left out of much more than Intel compatibility when the time comes.

Alongside that I will begin posting developmental builds of 4.0. It's looking pretty good so far. Some of the new UI is still shaky, but other refinements are quite polished. The new tabs look great. Expect to see that sometime this month as well.