Thursday, May 19, 2005

3.1.1 is out

Download it from Mariner

The list of bug fixes:

- Fixed a problem where changing multiple lines to checkboxes would add the same checkbox on each line (instead of different checkboxes for each line).
- Fixed a problem preventing the splitter position in the journals drawer from getting saved in between launches.
- Fixed a problem with smart quotes and Entourage
- Improved the numeric list recognition logic to exclude things like "8.00 PM"
- Fixed the "None" item in the Highlight toolbar item
- Fixed the "Backdate" button in the LiveJournal panel
- Fixed a problem in the calendar with months beginning on Sunday (i.e. May 2005).
- Links are now terminated when you end a line
- Fixed a crash when using a custom background color in Full Screen mode on Tiger.
- Fixed a crash that can happen when the calendar tries to automatically change days at Midnight.
- Fixed a problem when switching list modes in an empty entry.

There are one or two more that involve hidden preferences that are noted in the included Version History. I'll come back later with more information about Spotlight.