Sunday, July 11, 2004

Difficulties Posting to Blogger

About 10 days ago, Blogger seemed to change the nature of its response to 3rd party clients like MacJournal when it sends Blogger a new post. This new response is not understandable to MacJournal and throws up an error on your screen whenever you try and send a post. Sometimes it seems that the post actually makes it through, but you always get an error back. The error message is "Error receiving response" and if you open up Console you'll get a bunch of XML code with "The server did not return a 'text/xml' response." in there somewhere. Originally I thought this was MacJournal's problem, but it seems other Mac OS X blogging clients are experiencing the same difficulties. There is a post in ecto's forum that shows the same behavior. The maker of ecto responded with a link to a preview post about Atom support, but the original posting refers to the Blogger API, which is what MacJournal uses. So, long story short: it seems that Blogger has done something to make the Blogger 1.0 API incompatible with Mac OS X for now. I will be contacting their support channels to see if I can get any word on when this will be fixed.