Saturday, May 29, 2004

I don't want to bad-mouth my new blogging provider so quickly, but this post deals with Blogger itself. Blogger doesn't support titles on its blogs. And it's not just the Blogger site itself: the protocol used to communicate to Blogger from third party clients does not support titles. So that means other sites that support the Blogger protocol (which is pretty much every one of them) has to find another way to transmit titles. There's just no good way to do this in the Blogger protocol. MacJournal 2.6 has started to add the title to the top of the text surrounded by <title> tags, which seems to work for some other Blogger-compatible sites. But it doesn't work for Blogger itself. Eventually this will get better when the new protocol (Atom) gets finalized and supported by all the major websites. At this point MacJournal will support it too (hopefully by the next version). But for now it's just unfortunate.