Thursday, June 17, 2004

MacJournal 2.6b2 has been released

Welcome to the second beta of MacJournal 2.6. There are a lot of fixes, but no real new features, so what's there should be very solid. All known issues have been fixed. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any problems, but be sure to check the "Report a Bug" window for the Known Issues first. Here are some of the changes:

- Tweaks and improvements to the new toolbar items for font face and size
- Fixed crash when unencrypting journal with incorrect password
- Fixed drawers not remembering their open state between launches
- Fixed exporting to MacJournal format on Jaguar systems
- Changed the way topics are set for entries created via the "New Entry With Selection" service to include the application name and Safari URL (if appropriate) or Mail message subject (if appropriate)
- Release notes will now open in a new window instead of in your current journal
- Moved the command key equivalent that was errantly assigned to Customize Toolbar to its rightful home on "Show/Hide Toolbar"
- Added Undo support for the Find panel for Jaguar systems (it's already there on Panther)
- Added temporary menu item for reverting the checkbox format so you can open your data in 2.5.
- Fixed errors importing a text file and parsing it to discover entries therein.
- Improved file importing for most cases to not create an entry empty entry with new journals
- Hold the Option key when clicking on the Lock button to unlock all the journals with the same password (you could already option-click it to lock all journals; this is the logical converse).

Other enhancements are noted in the Version History.

As always, install and use developmental software at your own risk! Be sure to back up your data before each new build just in case. Just for fun, MacJournal itself will back up your data with each new build that you install as well.

This is an alpha build, which means features are still in flux, as well as the interface. That means that no localization updates should take place. When the first beta comes out, the interface will be frozen for 2.6 with no exceptions this time!

Please let me know of any problems that you have with this build. Visit to download the beta.