Sunday, June 06, 2004

MacJournal 2.6b1 is out!

Welcome to the first beta of MacJournal 2.6. This release marks the beginning of the end of the development of MacJournal 2.6. All that remains now is the localization and minor bug fixes. All outstanding bugs have been fixed as of this release, and any more are bound to be squashed before the final release. Here are some of the changes:

- Fixed loss of unsaved data when journals encrypt in memory
- Folder importing improvements
- Fixed problems with exporting certain entries to HTML or Blogger
- Hitting "New Entry" in a locked journal will prompt to unlock the journal first
- Various fixes to hopefully solve issues with creating entries from web text via the Service and with the Keywords sheet
- Fixed text encoding when sending to LiveJournal
- Locked journals will display without the "0 items" in Combined mode in the Journals drawer
- Fixed "Restore from Backup"
- Now disabling a bunch of menu and toolbar items when appropriate
- Fixed the iTunes button in the LiveJournal sheet
- Added two new toolbar items: Font Face and Font Size

Other enhancements are noted in the Version History.

As always, install and use developmental software at your own risk! Be sure to back up your data before each new build just in case. Just for fun, MacJournal itself will back up your data with each new build that you install as well.

This is an alpha build, which means features are still in flux, as well as the interface. That means that no localization updates should take place. When the first beta comes out, the interface will be frozen for 2.6 with no exceptions this time!

Please let me know of any problems that you have with this build.

To download, go to the Development section.