Saturday, January 14, 2012

MacJournal 6.0.2b1

Download it now.

Here comes the most recent beta release of MacJournal 6. This is 6.0.2b1. The goals for this release are performance, reliability, and minor UI improvements.

Performance of smart journals in situations where there are a lot of them and/or a lot of entries to search should be better. You may see the smart journals update not all at once; for large amounts of entries, the search happens in the background so as not to block the user interface. In that case, you’ll see the count for the smart journal increase in situations like unlocking a journal that reveals a bunch of new entries. Smart journals searching entry content should also work better after an iOS sync.

Certain encrypted journals from version 5 that had trouble unlocking in version 6 should be fixed. Encrypted journals should also be a bit faster as well.

In other news, “Send to MobileMe” should work better, as should popovers on Snow Leopard. The Backup Browser should work better for restoring entire journals and should let you unlock journals to view their contents. In the “Send to Other Blog” menu, you’ll see a light gray indication of where that particular blog is specified, in case you want to remove it. Exporting with the new “Automatic” format should work better, and you can specify which entry metadata you want to include in textual entries.

There are more fixes, so check out the Version History in the Help menu for all of the details when you get the release.