Wednesday, October 20, 2004

As promised...

You can download the final candidate build of MacJournal 2.6 at this link:

"Final candidate" means that this could be the final release itself. I have full confidence in it and I think it's a great build (but the normal warnings about pre-release software apply). But I'm providing this build while I do final testing just to make sure everything is sound before the general public gets their hands on it. This won't show up on the main website or in the in-application update mechanism. Please don't inform any version tracking sites about this either as the final version will be out soon enough.

There are a large number of changes from beta 5, but they're all for the better and everything should be good. The issue with typing accented characters has been solved. There is also a new hidden preference to activate a window containing the rest of the hidden preferences for easy access. Please read the included version history for all of the details. Let me know your experiences with this build: whether or not everything went smoothly for you. If you've noticed any problems in the past, check them out again and let me know if they are all fixed now.

I'm looking to release the final version on Friday. I will continue to test until then. This build will expire approximately 2 weeks from now.