Friday, September 24, 2004

Schedule Update

It seems that 2.6 finally has a release date! Sort of! Well, if you can call "next week" an exact release date. It looks like all of the pieces will come together early next week and then after some additional testing it will be ready to go out the door. I may do a kind of "final candidate" release for some select people just to make sure as well (mostly localizers to double-check integration). I may post the download link on here too, but I won't be putting it in the in-app update mechanism. I worry that too many updates close together will cause some people to miss the second (and more important) update.

Things have been going well in MacJournal-land. I haven't actually had to touch the code in a few days now. After a few issues with the new system for not saving back to disk when not necessary were worked out, things have been smooth. It's what I like to see leading up to a major release like this. I'll just be testing stuff over the weekend and exercise parts of the app that I haven't seen in a while to make sure they haven't been broken accidentally.

For the Romantic language speakers out there, there will be both French and Spanish localizations included (that was a point of concern noted here earlier).

And for fans of all of the hidden preferences in 2.6, I have one last trick up my sleeve for you, but I'll give more details when 2.6 actually comes out.

Onward and upward!