Thursday, January 31, 2008

MacJournal 5.0.2b4

Download it here or use the Help menu's Update item in 5.0.2b2 or later to get it automatically.

Here comes the fourth beta to 5.0.2. This will probably be the last beta for this release as I want to get fixes for some of the problems of 5.0.1 out there with as little delay as possible. The two problems areas are still .mac syncing and recording. If you're having trouble with the audio recording, please try trashing your preferences and then make sure the audio devices are set up in the System Preferences' Sound pane (not the one in MacJournal). I've had success doing that when it was giving me trouble. I'm going to work on the MJ prefs a bit in that area to work more like QuickTime Player's (when you have the Pro mode enabled) to make this easier.

Here's the full list of changes:

  • Fixed a case where the font color would be used as the background color when formatting HTML.

  • Fixed a problem where a bad blog from MJ4 could cause the MJ5 data not to load.

  • When creating a journal with a journal selected, the new journal will be placed inside that journal.

  • Opening a separate viewer window for non-text entries will no longer show jibberish.

  • Add UUID properties to entries and journals in AppleScript.

  • When sending an image that has been resized to a blog, the custom size will be honored.

  • Fixed a problem exporting a journal to PDF with one file per entry.

  • Fixed the Status searching from smart journals.

  • Fixed a problem with launching could show an entry from a locked journal.

  • Fixed individual files backup.

  • Fixed a crash right-clicking at the end of the text.

  • Fixed an error when editing lists on Leopard.

  • Added the "add tag" AppleScript command.

  • Now correctly encrypting the entry template along with the journal.