Tuesday, November 20, 2007

(MacJournal vs. Tiger) vs. Leopard

I reverted some launch behavior in beta 8 of 4.1.3 that I had introduced around beta 5 to try to combat a crash on launch. This new behavior made launch go a lot slower in all cases and I was hoping to avoid using it. But, as things go, now some people are seeing the crash again. However, I have narrowed the circumstances of the crash down some more, so hopefully we can avoid making launch slow in all cases. It seems to happen when you have a table in an entry that was saved on Tiger. This is because Tiger had a bug in its table-saving code that MacJournal was trying to work around, which in turn is now crashing on Leopard due to something else that Apple changed in that release. OS compatibility issues are fun! So the goal is now to have our cake and eat it too: correct table saving and loading on both Tiger and Leopard, as well as not crashing, as well as not slowing down launch unless it absolutely has to for a certain case. If you're seeing the crash, I'd recommend using b7 for now. You can get it back at . I'll work on this now and hope to have something to try after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States.