Monday, June 20, 2005


I had previously talked about building MacJournal for Intel and the problems that popped up. I had to disable code for .Mac exporting to get it to build so I could test it at all. Well, wouldn't you know it but I forgot to re-enable it for 3.1.2b3. Worry not however: it will return for the next build. I'm expecting 3.1.2 to be released later this week, or early next at worst.

I'm putting together a larger post about the next version (tentatively labeled 4.0) which I will come back with after 3.1.2 is out. I have some things like labels already (sort of) working, but any larger changes are still in the design stage. I'm looking at ways to merge the journals drawer into the main window Mail-style. So feel free to comment one way or another on this as I'm sure some people won't like it. Drawers are kind of a heated topic nowadays; a lot of people don't like them. I don't mind them myself but I certainly respect the argument against them and general UI seems to be moving away from them lately so I don't want MacJournal to fall behind. More on this later though.