Sunday, February 27, 2005

MacJournal 3.1a2

Download it here

This is the second alpha of MacJournal 3.1. This is an alpha release, which means that most if not all the planned features are present, but there is more work to be done before beta. The user interface is not final and will definitely change before the final release.

Here is what has been changed since the last alpha release:

- Some improvements to the Stats sheet include type-selection, stats exporting, and performance boosts

- Improved appearance of auto-scroll button in Full Screen mode under "normal" appearance

- Fixed crash associated with combining search terms with quotes

- Fixed sizing of the calendar view in the journals drawer

- The .Mac sheet will now send over included attachments as well (such as pictures) unless you tell it not to.

Reporting Bugs

Please let me know about any bugs you find in this release as soon as possible. Use the "Report A Bug" menu item in the Help menu to see a list of known issues for your current build (as they arise). You can also automatically create a new e-mail.

If MacJournal crashes on you, look for a crash log in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter and include that in your report. If there's some funny behavior, try looking in the Console (in /Applications/Utilities/) and include any output related to MacJournal in your report. Please be specific about things that you are doing that aren't working out, whether it's a crash or a behavior that you don't like. Also, include in your e-mail what release of MacJournal you are using. I appreciate your feedback!